Women’s Health Week 2022, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Checks.

Are you conscientious with getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked?

High blood pressure or hypertension can make the heart work harder than usual. Left untreated, this condition can cause damage to your arteries leading to heart disease. Cholesterol is a fatty-like substance found in the blood and body cells that can build up in the inner artery walls over time, harden, and turn into plaque – a process called atherosclerosis. That build-up of plaque narrows the artery walls, reducing blood flow which can cause blockages leading to blood clots, stroke or heart attack.



It is important to be conscientious with getting your cholesterol and blood pressure checked regularly with your GP as these conditions are often termed as silent killers due to not always manifesting with obvious or visible symptoms. Many women are not aware that cholesterol in particular is also one of the most common factors putting women at risk of heart disease or heart attack.

We encourage you to have regular heart health checks with your GP, as once detected, these conditions can be managed to reduce your risk and lead a healthy heart lifestyle.

Heart Support Australia Peer Support Groups & Free Membership

Experiencing a heart event increases your risk of having another. Your mental health, social interactions with people, and participation in activities play a huge role in your recovery and improving your quality of life. It is important to avoid isolation and make sure you are connecting with family, friends and support groups with your peers to help reduce your risks of a secondary heart event.

Visit here to find out more about Heart Support Australia Peer Support Groups and free membership.

Mature age lady having blood pressure checked

Women’s Health Week 2022, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Checks.