Heart Support Australia appoints National Hospital Patient Visitor Instructor

Heart Support Australia is currently under a new era of rapid expansion and growth across Australia since being under the direction of the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer earlier in the year.

As a part of the strategic goals of the organization to grow over the coming months, the processes in place to support the volunteers must also expand to ensure we can maintain an effective program delivery across our locations Australia wide.

Our Hospital Patient Visitors are specialized trained volunteers who attend various hospitals across Australia to
provide bedside peer support for new patients diagnosed with heart disease or undergoing a cardiac surgery.

To ensure continual support of the existing patient visitors in conjunction with the training of new patient visitor
volunteers who wish to work with Heart Support Australia, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Bob
Stirling to the inaugural role as National Hospital Patient Visitor Instructor.

Our Chief Executive Officer Dr Christian Verdicchio is delighted to have Bob join the national team.

“On behalf of Heart Support Australia, we are delighted to have Bob join the team in such an important role to
support and train Hospital Patient Visitors.

This volunteer role is a very delicate and specialized task that requires a
lot of attention to detail when dealing with patients in the hospital setting going through a difficult time.

“Bob is not only our Peer Support Group Leader for Canberra, but an active patient visitor himself in the ACT
hospitals, given his own experiences being diagnosed with heart disease over 10-years ago.

He brings a wealth of experience to this role and was a key person in developing the training material over the last year.

“I look forward to working with Bob to support our current patient visitors and train the new wave of patient visitors who wish to join Heart Support Australia.”

Bob Stirling thanked the Chief Executive Officer for his comments and welcome.

“I am delighted and honored to take up such a role that I am passionate about. I would like to thank the CEO of
Heart Support Australia Dr Christian Verdicchio for his support in formalising this role and I look forward to working
with him and his amazing team to provide the very best support to those patients in hospital”.

This appointment commences immediately with courses running regularly for new Hospital Patient Visitors.
For further information please contact Heart Support Australia on 02 6253 0097 or visit our website at

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