The Cardiac Life Clinic

Passionate about heart health, Cooleman Court Pharmacy in Canberra has been involved in delivering specialised cardiac services since 2015.

In 2018, Brooke Veasey started the Life Cardiac Clinic.

‘I had noticed there was a gap in support for patients with a range of cardiovascular issues after they suffered an initial event that put them in hospital,’ Brooke explained.

Often patients do not attend hospital rehabilitation fact, less that 50% of cardiac patients in Australia are referred to any type of rehabilitation program...of those that do attend, less than 50% stick with it.

But what happens afterwards? Patients can often feel very alone after the structured rehab environment comes to an end.

While Heart Support Australia offers cardiac patients peer support, information and encouragement, the Life Cardiac Clinic provides an additional support service to patients during this transition.

Brooke identified that in this initial period post cardiovascular event, patients need additional support; from education about their medication, importance of compliance and regular follow ups with their GP to manage their expectations around life after the event.

Based in the ACT and with the support of a number of hospitals, Cardiologists and Heart Support Australia, the program promises patients better outcomes, greater health literacy and more support when they need it.

‘There so many factors that come into play when it comes to a cardiac patient’s recovery. The Life Cardiac Clinic addresses an important gap, providing one-on-one support from a pharmacist. Combining services like the Life Cardiac Clinic along with peer support services through Heart Support Australia is a great way for a cardiac patient to stay on track with their recovery,’ said Heart Support Australia Manager Monica Glasgow

Monica Glasgow and Brooke Veasey at the Life Cardiac Clinic at Coolemon Court

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