Heart Support Australia on board to strip heart disease of National title

Heart Support Australia has embraced the Heart Foundation’s Serial Killer Campaign which seeks to educate, inform and compel people to take action against heart disease.

Heart Foundation CMO Chris Taylor described the bold push as purposeful and brave. “Most Australian’s don’t know the risk factors for heart disease, including their own personal risk, or the warning signs of a heart attack. We have become dangerously complacent about it,” Taylor warned.

The campaign, which spans four weeks, will have an expansive reach as it rolls out across the Nation’s print, digital and broadcast channels. Prominent Australian’s including retired NSW Police assistant Commissioner Clive Small have also gotten involved by sharing their personal stories on how heart disease has touched their lives.

Heart Support Australia’s CEO Amy Squires said, “This is a fantastic initiative by the Heart Foundation and News Corp that we believe will resonate with many Australian’s. Our own organisation can provide support, information and encouragement to health consumers who embrace this call to action.”

Programs like Heart Support Australia’s Healthy Heart Program are designed to provide participants with a greater understanding of heart disease and the individual risks that affect them. By providing health consumers with tailored information around modifiable risk factors, Heart Support Australia hopes to help strip heart disease of its title of Australia’s number one killer.

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