Healing Hearts support group opens in the NT

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Despite significant advances in medicine and an increase in health awareness across Australia, heart disease remains Australia’s number one killer. One in six Australians is affected by the disease. While physical and medical aspects are often well addressed after a cardiac event, the return to every-day life can be daunting.

Cardiac patients often seek out others who have gone through similar experiences and with whom they can relate. Heart disease affects many Territorians. The Northern Territory currently has cardiac rehabilitation programs, however there is very little in the way of support for people wanting to discuss their experiences and how they are coping with everyday life.

There is a dire need for peer and social support for Territorians who have experienced a cardiac event. Heart Foundation and Heart Support Australia have joined to help you connect with people that have been through similar experience as you or are experiencing them right now. Healing Hearts NT will be having its formal inaugural launch in early next year

Heart Support Australia and Heart Foundation have come together to create the Healing Hearts Group NT to help address this issue. The support group has been designed to connect cardiac patients, carers and even the family members of patients with others in the heart health community.

Manager of Heart Support Australia Monica Glasgow said, “a patient’s heart journey does not end after treatment or surgery. Cardiac events often require life-long commitments to change on the part of the patient that can often feel overwhelming. The Healing Hearts Support Group provides people with a safe space for those who need it to connect with others who are navigating similar paths.”

Heart Support Australia is the national body providing peer support, information and encouragement for the 4.2 Australians living with a cardiovascular condition. Heart Support Australia’s programs and services provide the physical, psychological and social support that people who have experienced a cardiac event will need to ensure improved health outcomes, quality of life and reduced risk of a secondary heart event.

The Healing Hearts Support Group is free to attend. The first session ran on Wednesday 13 October at Healthy Living NT, Shop 2 Tiwi Place, Tiwi, NT. If you are interested coming along to future sessions please get in touch with us at National Office by emailing hearsupport@heartnet.org.au or call us on 02 6253 0097.

The Healing Hearts Group NT meet for the first time

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