Defibrilator project may offer someone a second chance at life

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Every year, over 20,000 Australians suffer a suden cardiac arrest...only 10 per cent of those people survive.

Time is everything when it comes to increasing a patients chance of survival. After suffering a cardiac arrest, every minute that passes without defibrillation reduces the patients chance of survival by ten per cent.

Heart Support Australia's Cabooluture branch has worked hard to ensure that members of their community have easier access to defibrillators.

With support from the Queensland Government's Community Gambling Benefit Fund and Heart Support Australia's National Office, the Caboolture Branch has been able to supply defibrillators to eight community groups.

Heart Support Australia CEO Amy Squires said, 'The Caboolture Branch's defibrillator project has given their community access to a vital resource that may give someone a second chance of life.'

When is a defibrilator needed?

If a person has stopped breathing, that is when you need to start CPR and find a defibrillator.

Call triple-0 first, but it is important not to simply wait for an ambulance to arrive because defibrillation is most effective when done within the first few minutes.

The shock delivered interrupts the chaotic rhythm of the heart, giving it a chance to return to its normal rhythm.

The defibrilator will continue to monitor the person's heart and will audibly advise if another shock is required.

Can you harm someone with a defibrilator?

No, shock will only be adminstered by the defibrilator if it is required.

Cardiac arrest can happen to people of all ages. It may also occurs as a result of trauma such as a fall or car accident, breathing conditions and allergic reaction.

In Victoria, a third of all "out of hospital" cardiac arrests in 2017-18 had bystanders provide CPR. But only 1 per cent of those interventions involved bystanders using defibrilators.

Heart Support Australia's Caboolture Branch distirbuted eight defibrilators to groups within the community

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