A Heart Hero in San Remo

John had a Quadruple bypass in 2004. He had been treated for mild shortness of breath which was diagnosed as Asthma two years prior to surgery. He had never smoked or been overweight but had a high genetic disposition to cardiac problems. John followed up surgery with rehab and medical advice which he followed carefully.

John’s motivation for this was to regain his pilot’s license which he still holds today, but he needs to undergo rigorous testing to retain it. John had such a good recovery he had a desire to help others regain their health. He had a good friend in the Reverend Gerald Wall who was living in Phillip Island and had also undergone bypass surgery.

This led to John joining the San Remo branch of Heart Support - Australia in 2006. In 2015 he became President of the San Remo branch. John and his wife Pauline travel from Melbourne to San Remo to attend all meetings and other branch events at their own expense.

Since becoming President John's leadership skills, enthusiasm, dedication and positive attitude has developed the San Remo branch into a successfully cohesive and active group.

John has initiated many successful projects since 2015, including the 20-year Anniversary Celebrations of the San Remo branch, fundraisers for cardiac equipment, promotional street stalls as well as provided peer support to cardiac patients who have been referred to him both locally and by HS-A National Office.

John has received several awards in recognition for his work with HS-A including

*Attends to outside referrals from HS-A for continued peer support.

*Regularly attends seminars, AGM's and training sessions at HS-A Canberra

*Member of HS-A Branch Committee.

* John has also received some certificates of recognition for his Heart work including:

1. Certificate for Meritorious Service to HS-A - 2018

2.Certificate for completing the Healthy Heart Program - HS-A - 2018. This enables John now to be recognised as a Healthy Hearts Program Facilitator.

3. Certificate of Appreciation from the Baker Institute in recognition of John's commitment to fight Heart Disease/Diabetes - 2019.

John is the main driving force behind the success of the San Remo branch and its continued community involvement. He has a skillful insight into a wider national perspective of HS-A. He sees HS-A's cohesive growth and development as a major force in heart health awareness. John constantly passes this perspective on to his members by distributing HS-A medical research and admin information plus detailed reports on his work in Canberra.

John's tireless work ethic, his empathy with group members and his dedication to educate, inform and encourage others regarding cardiac health makes him indeed a worthy Heart Hero to his group, to the wider community and to the national network of HS-A.


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