Patient resources

Patient resources

We have partnered with various leading organisations and experts in the heart industry to provide our consumers with the very best information based on their individual conditions and needs.

Please note that the following is a guide. If you are seeking expert medical advice, contact your GP or specialist. If you are in a medical emergency dial triple-0. 

Coronary artery disease, heart attack or stroke

Do you know your cholesterol levels? Measuring high levels of (bad) cholesterol is a risk factor of heart disease. 

The good news is your cholesterol levels can be controlled. That is why we have proudly partnered with some of the leading cardiac bodies in the country to provide an up-to-date resource on the importance of knowing your numbers to ensure you don’t suffer a secondary cardiac event.

Check out our website Know Your Numbers Treat Your Risk for further information on the importance of knowing and controlling your numbers.

Atrial fibrilation, heart failure and valve disease

Do you suffer from atrial fibrillation, heart failure or valve disease?

Our partners at hearts4heart have an abundance of resources to provide you with additional information relating to these specific heart conditions.

Heart disease in women

In Australia, one woman dies of heart disease every hour. 

Our partners Her Heart are a not-for-profit Australian organisation focused on the prevention of women’s heart disease and have created Australia’s own resources specifically for women with heart disease.

Cardiac counselling and mental health

The cardiac blues, including feelings of anxiety and depression, commonly impact Australians suffering from heart disease and their families. 

The Australian Centre for Heart Health are our partners who run a Cardiac Counselling Clinic where they provide specialist psychological and behavioural support to people who have had an acute cardiac event, and their families, which can be covered under Medicare.

General heart health information

For more general information to help you navigate life following a cardiac event or a heart disease diagnosis, the Heart Foundation have a variety of resources that are easily accessible and helpful.