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The Healthy Heart Program has been designed to provide peer support for individuals, carers and families following a cardiac event.



Through this program Heart Support Australia has developed a safe space for people to explore concepts of self-management and improving the long term outcomes for individuals who have experienced a cardiac event and reduce the risk of another event occurring. 


Cardiac events do not discriminate, and with this in mind, the Healthy Heart Program has been developed to support people from all walks of life. The program will address the risks that will affect you the most. Participants can also expect to create long-lasting peer support relationships with other members.












The Healthy Heart Program is typically run in 1.5 hour sessions across 8 weeks. 

For more information about the Health Heart Program please contact our Program Facilitator. 



When you become a member of Heart Support Australia you will gain access to a community of people who have experienced a heart event and can relate to what you´re going through with your heart health.


Having a membership also offers access to our growing heart health resources, including our monthly newsletter and invitations to events, seminars and activities being held by Heart Support Australia.

The Healthy Heart Program and Healthy Heart Passport have been six months in the making. Our program is based on a successful UK model, co-creating health, which trained peer support workers to deliver risk modification education and peer support to their peers. The co-creating health model provided education to patients with chronic airways disease, depression, diabetes and chronic pain was found to have a significant positive impact particularly around mental health indicators.



The link between mental health and heart disease is supported by research and has shown that social isolation, loneliness and the physical absence of others can have a negative effect on heart health and recovery.

Heart Support Australia can help you by reducing that feeling of isolation after a cardiac event.

We will provide the heart patients with peer support and connect them with people to talk to, who share their lived experience. Heart Support Australia aims to raise awareness of this link between heart health and mental health and use this awareness to help build it into our heart plans and recovery rehabilitation systems.

We will connect you with other people that have been through your experience or are going through that experience right now, so that you can chat with them and share feelings of fear, or anger, or depression and know that you are not alone and that you have someone to talk to who understands.


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Heart Support Australia is keen to make contact with people who have had heart conditions or have family or friends with a heart condition.


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