Heart Support Australia appoints Helen McLean as inaugural National Program Coordinator

Heart Support Australia are proud to announce their new executive team member and inaugural National Program Coordinator Helen McLean.

Helen’s role will involve overseeing and providing educational support for Heart Support Australia’s Peer Support Group programs.

Helen is also currently the president of the Australian Cardiovascular Health & Rehabilitation Association (ACRA) in Western Australia, executive board member and advocacy chair of ACRA as well as a highly regarded registered nurse and midwife.

Heart Support Australia CEO Dr Christian Verdicchio says the appointment aligns with the organisation’s rapid expansion of peer support services across Australia.

“Our peer support programs are at the core of our organisation and for the first time we are proudly supporting Australians living with heart disease in all states and territories through these programs,” Christian says.

“Helen will oversee the peer support group providing support and her extensive experience in cardiology will be pivotal when working with our consumers and key stakeholders to ensure we are appropriately supporting our patients.

“We are thrilled to have her expertise as part of our mission to support Australians living with heart disease,” he concludes.

Helen’s experience has seen her improve cardiac care through co-designing tertiary, secondary and community cardiac rehabilitation and chronic heart failure programs, First Nations heart health programs, and she has developed phone coaching and telehealth care programs. 

Helen says the role will allow her to guide the group leaders through modern models of support.

“The holistic approach I have towards caring for heart patients is person-centred, meaning it is tailored to them and their physical, psychological, emotional, cultural, social and spiritual needs,” she says.

“Heart Support embodies my passion for helping others and ensuring all Australians have access to adequate heart healthcare,” Helen says.

Helen’s Role will commence on January 16.

Heart Support Australia appoints Helen McLean as inaugural National Program Coordinator