Connecting to others is Important

After being diagnosed with a heart issue, a lot of people feel like their whole life has been shaken. Whether being diagnosed with an abnormal heart rhythm, cardiovascular disease or having a heart attack or a stroke, it can completely alter one’s life. Most doctors and nurses are not trained to help patients with their personal issues. Also, very few talk about or discuss the after effects and impact on one’s emotional and mental health. 

Why do we need a support system after recovering from a heart attack?

Support from family and friends plays a huge role in relieving your stress and anxiety but it is good to reach out to people beyond your immediate network, especially people who have been affected by heart disease recently. Different people in support groups can help you in different ways:

  • Understanding: It is important and reassuring to connect with someone who is going through the same thing as you. It is a great way to cope by understanding and empathising with others in the group and how they are managing themselves. 
  • Motivation: Likeminded people can become great heart healthy buddies. So if you are trying to exercise regularly, change eating habits or quit smoking, meet up with a like-minded friend and become heart-healthy buddies. The key is to build a support system that enables you to become your best self.
  • Accountability: No matter how driven you are, having someone else keep an eye on you can keep you on track. 
  • Recognition: As you make progress and meet goals, share your success with the people who have supported you and will be proud of your progress. This brings in recognition as well are makes it fun to enjoy with others. 

Finding the Support You Need Online

You’ll find a few active heart attack support groups on Facebook simply by exploring the “groups” area or simply join our Virtual Heart Support Australia Peer Support Group by clicking here

Not only will your heart attack support team help keep your body healthy, but you’ll be also amazed at what a difference they can make in your mental and emotional recovery.

So, get connected!

Connecting to others is Important