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Documents, videos and resources to guide you and help you better manage your heart event 


We are proud of our members across Australia with more branches and support groups coming in the future.

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Heart Support - Australia is the national support organisation for people with a heart condition, their families and carers. Whether preparing for surgery, recuperating from a heart event or making lifestyle changes to optimise quality of life, Heart Support – Australia members offer support, encouragement, and information based on their own experience.

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By donating to HS-A you can support patients affected by a heart event while also supporting their families, carers and friends as they navigate their journey through diagnosis


Heart Support Australia (HS-A) is a national not-for-profit organisation providing support, information and encouragement to people who have been affected by a heart event. The National Office supports HS-A's role as a peak body while our network of Branches and Interest Groups across Australia provide on the ground support, particularly to those in remote, regional and rural areas. Of the 4.2 million Australians living with a heart condition 1.2 million are also diagnosed with heart disease. These Australians are five to seven times more likely to suffer future heart events than those who are not diagnosed. 

Your support can help HS-A reach these Australians and provide them with the programs and services they need to improve their quality of life and help reduce their risk of a secondary heart event.


Partnerships and Alliances

HS-A Partners with University of Sydney, Westmead Research for a research paper on Atrial Fibrillation... Read More

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The CardioSmart Heart Explorer app for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android is designed to enhance the clinician-patient relationship at the point of care


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  • Short movies to explain your Heart issues and procedures


Canberra Interest Group meeting, March 17,

12-2PM, HS-A Canberra office


Our patron Dr. Ross Walker has his own radio show Healthy Living on 2Gb, every Sunday 7-9PM


Our Branches and Interest Groups offer peer support services to assist people affected by heart conditions. Branches meet on a regular basis, organising social events, guest speakers, recreational activities, hospital visits and other community work. Along with our on-the-ground support services, HS-A provides a host of online and virtual support options that cater to housebound Australians and those living in remote, rural and regional areas. 


HS-A Offers Three Membership Options

National Member

A National Member is a single member anywhere in Australia. National Members receive subscription to our monthly newsletter Pulse, access to HS-A events and activities and access to our online communities.

National Members might set out to start their own Interest Group or Branch or they might is really up to them how involved they would like to be. Whatever the case, HS-A will be there to provide them with support, information and encouragement when and if they need it.


Interest Group Member
An Interest Group Member may be part of a current Interest Group or may be keen to start their own. These groups run between 2 and 12 people and will participate in HS-A related activities in their own communities. Better still, HS-A National Office will support them to do so!


Interest Group Members receive all the benefits received by a National Member along with a listing for their Interest Group on our National website, promotional support from National Office.



Branch Member 

A Branch Member may be part of one of our current Branches or may be keen to start a Branch in their area. These groups run at 12 or more people. They will elect a Branch President, Treasurer and Sectary and will host HS-A related activities in their own communities. HS-A National Office provides Branches with fundraising and promotional support. 

Branch Members receive all the benefits that National Members and Interest Group Members receive 

Please note: Membership to HS-A is FREE however some Branches may ask for a small donation for tea and coffee and meeting room hire.  



Heart Support Australia is keen to make contact with people who have had heart conditions or have family or friends with a heart condition.


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