6 tips to reduce your risk of a secondary heart event this Heart Week, 2 – 8 May 2022

Take your medications as prescribed, even when you feel really well.

If you have been diagnosed with heart disease or you have experienced a heart event, you will also be prescribed with medications to help manage your heart health. Common heart medication includes those that manage your blood pressure and cholesterol, help prevent blood clots from developing, and prevent and/or manage angina.

It is important to understand and manage your medications. Your GP or pharmacist can assist with questions or concerns that you may have about the medications you are taking, including any side effects.

It is equally important to continue taking your medications as prescribed by your GP or cardiologist, even when you feel really well, as this means the medication is managing your heart health and helping to reduce or prevent your risks of a secondary heart event.

Don’t put off your check-up.

Throughout the stages of the pandemic, medical records have shown that many people have delayed or avoided seeing their GP or even missed tests or check-ups with their specialists. We encourage you to not put off or avoid your regular appointments or specialist follow-ups as this can be detrimental to your heart health.

Your health practitioners will be able to advise you on what measures they have put in place for keeping safe when physically visiting their offices. There are other options available such as telehealth or video calls for health concerns that don’t require an in-person consult.

Join a Heart Support Australia (HSA) Peer Support Group.

If you have experienced a heart event, joining a HSA Peer Support Group and talking with people who have been through the same or similar experiences can make it easier to feel connected with others, less isolated and more able to express your feelings and concerns.

Heart Support Australia currently facilitates nine peer support groups around Australia, each led by a volunteer who has experienced a heart event themselves and one virtual peer support group held online via Zoom.

Membership is free so join us today to receive support, information and encouragement for as long as is needed.

Refer a friend to Heart Support Australia

Sadly, statistics still show heart disease to be Australia’s biggest killer and those who have experienced a heart event such as heart attack are twice as likely to die prematurely than the general population, making secondary heart disease prevention essential in our community.

If you know of someone who has experienced a heart event, refer them to Heart Support Australia for support, information and encouragement whilst they navigate their diagnosis, heart health and getting back on track. One way to let them know about us is to give them the website address for more information.

Visit www.heartsupport.org.au for more information.

The Heart Support Australia website provides information about the organisation, available peer support groups, resources for patients and carers, heart support tips and newsletters. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please feel welcome to contact the team by emailing office@heartsupport.org.au or phoning (02) 6253 0097.

Register for the Healthy Heart Challenge®

Renowned Australian cardiologist, Dr Ross Walker has narrowed a healthy heart down to five key principles; quit unhealthy vices or addictions, sleep for seven to eight hours at night, enjoy healthy eating, aim for eight-thousand steps per day and stress less, smile more!

These five key principles form the Healthy Heart Challenge® – click here for more information and to register today.

6 tips to reduce your risk of a secondary heart event this Heart Week, 2 – 8 May 2022