Heart Support Australia is the peak national body providing support to Australians affected by heart disease through peer support.

Established in 1989, our mission is to facilitate the transition from hospital to home and provide ongoing support for heart disease patients in Australia.

Our goal at Heart Support Australia is to stop secondary cardiac events and improve the lives of those living with heart disease in Australia.

Our peer support programs across the country have helped thousands of Australians over the years. Heart Support Australia is continually growing and committed to expanding our network across Australia so we can continue to support the thousands of Australians living with heart disease across the country.

Heart Support Australia plays an active role with our partners in advocating for our consumers to Government and other stakeholders on a range of issues that affect those living with heart disease.

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By donating to Heart Support Australia you can make a heartfelt difference for regional Australians affected by a heart event while also supporting their families, carers and friends as they navigate the frightening journey of a cardiovascular disease diagnosis.